For Reading Groups

It's a great time to be in a reading group. With Allen & Unwin you can read and discuss some of the best in contemporary publishing.

Reading groups are a relaxing, fun thing to do for people who are open-minded and curious about what they read.

Discover new titles and books you might not normally pick up and buy, or re-examine books you already know and love. You can make your reading experience richer and more rewarding by being a member of a reading group and meeting others who are interested in sharing their reading experience.

Still not sure what do to? We've put together some tips on how to start your own reading group.

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Our top-selling recommended reads for reading groups:

  1. The True Story of Maddie Bright - Mary-Rose MacColl
  2. Scrublands - Chris Hammer
  3. Unsheltered - Barbara Kingsolver
  4. The Wolf Hour - Sarah Myles
  5. Cedar Valley - Holly Throsby

Latest reading group notes

Who We Were

B.M. Carroll

A gripping novel about the power of childhood cruelty, and how it makes us the adults we become.


Good Dogs Don't Make It to the South Pole

Hans-Olav Thyvold

The wisest, funniest, and most inspiring book on ageing and friendship written by a dog you'll ever read.



The Clergyman's Wife

Molly Greeley

A moving story of unexpected love featuring Charlotte from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.



Finding Eadie

Caroline Beecham

The author of Maggie's Kitchen and Eleanor's Secret delivers another compelling story of love and mystery during wartime.