Lecturer & Student Resources

The following websites have been designed to support their accompanying textbook and are available to lecturers, tutors and students who use the book as a text for their course.

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Public Sociology 4th edition

Public Sociology focuses on the utility and relevance of a sociological perspective to every aspect of social life. The aim is to encourage in students the ability to critically reflect upon the forces - both local and global - shaping their own lives and the communities in which they live.

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SPSS Survival Manual 6th edition

The SPSS Survival Manual throws a lifeline to students and researchers grappling with this powerful data analysis software. Fully revised and updated for IBM SPSS Statistics version 23.

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The Archaeologist's Field Handbook

In one volume here is every tool you need to conduct fieldwork in archaeology. Thoroughly comprehensive, The Archaeologist's Field Handbook is designed for every kind of archaeological practice from simple site recordings to professional consultancies.

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Food & Nutrition 3rd edition

Mark Wahlqvist's Food and Nutrition is widely regarded as the most authoritative introduction to nutrition and dietetics in the region.

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The Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature

A landmark anthology of Australian literary writing across all genres from over two centuries, this is an authoritative collection more than six years in the making, providing a window onto Australian culture.

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Powerscape 2nd edition

An introduction to Australian politics which emphasises the connection between the political process and everyday life.

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Practical Nursing Calculations

A step-by-step guide to calculating the correct medication dosages. Using realistic hospital scenarios, this is a must for undergraduate nursing students.

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Producing Videos 3rd edition

A fully updated and revised new edition of this essential handbook for aspiring video makers.

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Sociology Australia 3rd edition

A thoroughly revised and expanded third edition of this widely used introductory text which shows how to develop a sociological perspective on what is happening in Australia today.

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Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools 2nd edition

A systematic, research-based introduction to the principles and practice of teaching mathematics at primary school level.

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The Writing Experiment

Experienced writing teacher Hazel Smith demystifies the process of creative writing, providing exercises and examples to show how it can be systematically learnt.

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