Political Lives

Edited by Judith Brett
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Fascinating insights into the lives of the people we choose to lead us.

Politicians' lives are public lives. The decisions they make and do not make, and the way they behave, affect us all and shape our lives.

To what extent do the inner lives of our leaders influence their performance? Should we know about the inner person? Indeed, how can we know?

The eight essays in this collection explore these questions and present some disturbing answers by scrutinising the 'character' of leaders as varied as Keating, Menzies, Hawke, Whitlam, Hasluck, Fraser, Calwell and Soeharto. Political Lives is an intriguing venture into the shadowy world of motives and values - and the inner past that shaped these leaders.

Author bio:

Julia Brett teaches politics at La Trobe University, is co-editor of Arena and is the author of a number of studies of Australian political culture including the acclaimed Robert Menzies' Forgotten People.

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ISBN: 9781864483093
Table Of Contents: Introduction - Judith Brett

1 The tasks of political biography - Judith Brett

2 The two narcissisms: comparing Hawke and Keating - Graham Little

3 Gough Whitlam: bursting limitations - James Walter

4 Malcolm Fraser: a strong leader revisited - Graham Little

5 Robert Menzies and England - Judith Brett

6 Arthur Calwell: resentful ageing - Lindsay Rae

7 Paul Hasluck's impersonal politics - Judith Brett

8 Soeharto's composure - Angus McIntyre


Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 1997
Page Extent: 200
Format: Paperback
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Subject: Biography & True Stories