Umm ...: A complete guide to public speaking

A complete guide to public speaking

James O'Loghlin
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Public speakers are not born. They are made. This practical and friendly book shows you how to make any kind of speech with confidence and ease.

Public speakers are not born. They are made. Someone who is a bad public speaker can become a good public speaker. And a good public speaker can create as much pleasure as a bad one can create pain. They can inspire, they can move, they can cause the listener to laugh, cry and give money. Sometimes they can even change a listener's life.'

Public speaking did not come naturally to comedian and TV/radio presenter, James O'Loghlin. But it's something he's mastered over the years. Here he tells you how to do it, whether it's for business presentation, a wedding, a school speech or even a job interview.

With practical and friendly tips for every sort of gathering, James takes you through each of the stages of giving a speech and shows you how to keep your audience sitting up and eager for more. From researching your topic to adding humour and interest, from using your voice effectively to conquering your nerves, James's step by step approach will see even the most inexperienced speaker improve their skills enormously.

Umm is the perfect reference for all sorts of public speakers. It will give confidence to those who have never delivered a speech before and will allow those who have done it many times to hone and finesse their skills.

Author bio:

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's most popular comedians and is well-known through his various radio and television programs including his current two positions as presenter of Sydney ABC Radio's evening show and the ABC television programme The New Inventors. He is also the author of A Month of Sundays (Allen + Unwin, 2004).

Category: Writing & Language
ISBN: 9781741149548
Table Of Contents: Part 1: Before you begin

Part 2: Writing a speech

Part 3: Before you speak

Part 4: Speaking

Part 5: Problems

Part 6: Different types of speaking
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2006
Page Extent: 184
Format: Paperback
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Language