One Minute Mandarin

A beginner's guide to spoken Chinese for professionals

Peter Coyne
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An unashamedly practical introduction to spoken Mandarin Chinese, for anyone who wants to impress their Chinese hosts, but doesn't have time to take a proper language course. Designed specifically for busy professionals traveling to China for work, it includes essential phrases that are easy to learn and pronounce, as well as invaluable cultural background.

Heading off to China for a business trip? Don't know a word but want to impress? Grab One Minute Mandarin and make the most of your travelling time!

One Minute Mandarin is designed for anyone who hasn't got time to study Mandarin seriously, but wants the essential phrases to get by in the street and in meetings. It is written in pinyin rather than Chinese script to make learning easy, and it covers the basics of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, with an emphasis on spoken Mandarin.

It includes invaluable phrases and quotes that can be worked into speeches, and tips on etiquette and culture that will make even a brief stay in China a richer experience.

One Minute Mandarin is accompanied by audio files which can be downloaded from the Allen & Unwin website. You can use it to tune in your ear to key phrases in Mandarin and practise your pronunciation.

Author bio:

Peter Coyne has had 30 years exposure to life and language in China as a student, teacher, corporate executive, business consultant and government official. He holds a Masters in Asian Studies from the Australian National University and is currently working in Taipei. This book is based on his experience of teaching Mandarin to CEOs and other leaders.

Category: Writing & Language
ISBN: 9781741754599
Table Of Contents: Introduction

Chinese pronunciation

A guide to pinyin spelling

1 How do you do Mr Wang?

2 I am very happy to meet you

3 Welcome to China!

4 Long time no see!

5 He/she in Chinese

6 Can you speak English?

7 Let me invite you to dinner

8 Who is he?

9 What time is it now?

10 I like to eat Chinese food

11 May I? OK?

12 We are old friends

13 Beijing is beautiful

14 No problem

15 How do you know that?

16 What is this?

17 Let me think about it

18 Heavens above!

19 Climb higher see further

20 Ladies and Gentlemen!

21 A beginner's vocabulary for adults

22 An introduction to the Chinese writing system

Appendix: Common Chinese surnames and forms of address

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: May 2008
Page Extent: 168
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Language