Government and Business Relations in Australia

Randal G Stewart
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Examines the interrelationships between business and the government in Australia.

In a modern industrial democracy like Australia, the interests and operations of government and business inevitably intersect. No government, federal or state, can afford to ignore the needs of business. But what are these needs, how does business express its needs to government and what institutions organise government-business relations in Australia? How should government regulate business, or should it choose to let the markets rule? Government and Business Relations in Australia brings together many of Australia's leading academics and commentators to address these critical questions.

The book examines the key players in the game - federal and state governments and business groups - and the processes that govern the relationships between them. It looks at the regulatory regimes which impact on business, such as the Trade Practices Commission and the Prices Surveillance Authority. It includes chapters which consider the nature of the government-business relationship in the financial and manufacturing sectors and small business. It also includes an important new chapter on the ethics of the government-business relationship.

There is currently no text covering all the aspects of government-business relations in Australia. This book fills the gap.

Contributors include Professor Bob Baxt, Professor Allan Fels, Professor Ross Garnaut and Brian Head.

Author bio:

Randal G. Stewart teaches government and business at the University of Sydney and has undertaken consultancies in the public and private sectors. He has co-edited three books including Hawke and Australian Public Policy (1990), and is the author with Ian Ward of Politics One (1992).

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ISBN: 9781863733557
Table Of Contents: Figures vii

Tables viii

Editorial note ix

Notes on contributors xi

Introduction xiv

1 A theoretical overview - Randal G. Stewart


2 Federal government and Australian business - Randal G. Stewart (University of Sydney)

3 State governments and Australian business - Brian W. Head (Office of the Cabinet, Queensland)

4 Business groups and government - Claire Wrighton (Industrial Officer, Metal Trades Industry Association)

5 Ethics and ethos in the government-business relationship - Bernard Carey (Macquarie University)


6 Regulation in theory and practice - David J. Gow and Anton Maher (University of Queensland)

7 The Prices Surveillance Authority - Allan Fels (Formerly Prices Surveillance Authority)

8 The Trade Practices Commission - Robert Baxt (Formerly Trade Practices Commission)

9 National Companies and Securities Commission -
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Pub Date: March 1994
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