Messages from Spirit

Breathtaking insights into life and the afterlife

Georgina Walker
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Celebrity Psychic to the stars, Georgina Walker shares real life stories from beyond the grave, explores deja-vu and out-of-body experiences, and reveals how listening to your intuition can save your life.

In life, there are amazing psychic moments. But what do they mean? What do they tell us about our everyday life and the worlds that lie beyond it?

Meet Brendan whose grandfather reached out to save him from beyond the grave. Learn more about deja-vu and out-of-body experiences, and how listening to your intuition can be a lifesaver.

Find out what can happen when sacred objects are abused. Read about exit points from this life, and how many of us are given the opportunity to move on at different stages. Discover how life contracts work. Learn about karma, and how important it is to clean up the energies of the past.

In Messages From Spirit Georgina Walker takes us further into the spirit world. She shares real life stories with us and helps us understand our own unique experiences.

Georgina Walker is the Celebrity Psychic to the stars. Having inherited her talent from her mother and grandmother, she has a life time's experience which she has used to help everyone from pop stars to film stars, sultans to kings. Georgina continues to share her wisdom through her regular TV and radio work. Now, she shares her own experiences and those of the people she has helped along the way with you in this, her third book.

Author bio:

Georgina Walker is the celebrity psychic whose infectious laugh and larger-than-life charm have captured the world. Everyone from pop stars and film stars to sultans and kings, have sought her advice. She has appeared in numerous national and local television programs, as well as on radio and in the print media. She inherited her gift from her mother and grandmother, both of whom are clairvoyant. Known in Asia as 'the direct Australian' she is not backward in coming forward!

Category: Mind Body Spirit
ISBN: 9781742370163
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Inspired Living
Pub Date: May 2013
Page Extent: 192
Format: Paperback - C format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Mind, Body, Spirit