Chi Health Cycle

How to build chi flow to your organs all through the day

Jost Sauer
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Chi Health Cycle identifies what elements of your life are making you feel bad and shows you how to eliminate them. It offers a rhythmic plan that works in harmony with daily, seasonal and planetary cycles, balancing yin and yang and enhancing the flow of chi.

Chi is believed to be the vital force forming any living entity and it is the central underlying principle of TCM. It is the energy that your organs use to repair and heal.TCM works with the 24-hour flow of chi through your body. Every 24 hours chi spends two hours in each of the twelve organs. If your lifestyle builds chi and enhances its flow to your organs, your body will heal symptoms as they arise.

Each chapter of the book looks at a specific organ and sets out healthy lifestyle choices you can make to keep it in top shape, and also reveals how the unhealthy choices that many of us knowingly make create the symptoms that progress to lifestyle diseases.

Author bio:

Jost Sauer has a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Diploma in Oriental Massage and Certificates in Structural Balancing and Sports Injury Management. He is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and lectures in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jost has founded and operated health centres and he consults on using chi to optimize physical, emotional and spiritual health for everyone from CEOs to professional athletes. Originally from Germany and now living in Australia, he shares his insights via his books, blog and website.

Category: Mind Body Spirit
ISBN: 9781787395879
Table Of Contents: The rhythm of health • Large intestine • Stomach • Spleen • Heart • Small intestine • Bladder • Kidneys • Pericardium • San jiao • Gall bladder • Liver • Lungs • Thrive.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Welbeck
Pub Date: January 2021
Page Extent: 160
Format: Paperback
Subject: Mind, Body, Spirit