The Navy and the Nation

The influence of the Navy on modern Australia

Edited by David Stevens John Reeve
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A history of the Australian navy focusing on the contribution of the RAN in peace and war to Australia's development and the potential it has to continue this into the future.

Australia has often been described as a nation shaped by war. From an early age, every Australian is taught the significance of Gallipoli and the Anzac legend. This, however, is but one dimension of the military's impact on our nation's coming of age. Australia, after all, is an island. It was the Navy which explored and founded European Australia, and it is the Navy which has been critical to our national security ever since.

With its ancestry in the Royal Navy and the former colony-based navies, the Australian Navy was established in 1901. Since that time it has helped Australia enter the international community as a modern, self-reliant nation and has been indispensable in protecting Australia's sovereignty and national interests.

Despite the Navy being one of Australia's oldest and most important institutions, the links between nation-building and the Navy have never before received detailed study. Bringing together scholars from Australia and overseas, The Navy and the Nation examines the extent of the Navy's contribution to our national development and shows how the Navy has played a vital role in defining our independent national identity.

Author bio:

A former naval officer, David Stevens is a graduate of the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University, and is currently Director of Strategic and Historical Studies within the Sea Power Centre - Australia. He has written and edited several books on maritime strategy and naval history.

John Reeve is Senior Lecturer and Osborne Fellow in Naval History at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy. He has written extensively on early modern and contemporary diplomatic and strategic issues.

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Vice Admiral C.A. Ritchie, AO, RAN

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Introduction: the Navy and the birth of the nation - David Stevens and John Reeve1

Part I Concepts and contexts 9

1 The Navy for the nation: a shared responsibility - George Baer11

2 The Royal Navy in the Pacific: sea power and imperial endeavour - Geoffrey Till 23

3 'The last word in outward splendour': the cult of the Navy and the imperial age - Jan R+#252;ger 48

Part II The Navy and the nation 67

4 Naval medicine and the European settlement of Australia - Neil Westphalen 69

5 The search for a strategic sea-base and the founding of Australia - Tom Frame 84

6 The long triangulation: naval hydrography and the Great Barrier Reef, 1848-1973 - Colin Jones 108

7 Our land is girt by sea: popular depictions of naval imagery in the national press, 1908-1918 - Robert Crawford 123

8 The Royal Australian navy in Au
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