The Little Guide to Taylor Swift

Words to Shake It Off

Orange Hippo!
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'Just be yourself, there is no one better.' - Taylor Swift

From her girl squad to the Swifties to the world at large, Taylor's the BFF of the pop music world. As the go-to shoulder to cry on and chronicler of heartbreak, she relates her personal life and experiences in a 'dear diary' style in her music, but the artist is even more popular than her hit songs. One of the most followed on social media, she is a defender of the underdog, open about her feminist and pro-choice views and frequently speaks up against sexism.

This collection of Taylor's relatable, inspiring and hugely optimistic quotes and lyrics reveals a caring, generous personality who is all about 'the feels' and following your dreams. Sparkling with positivity and feel-good vibes, Taylor is always there to give you the best advice and lift you up when you're down - she's your own personal cheerleader.

Swift has so far won a whopping 11 Grammys, smashing several records for the most wins as artist and as female artist.
Category: Humour & Gift
ISBN: 9781800691698
Table Of Contents: Chapter 1 - Music & Memories
Focusing on her recordings and music career, home life and background, these quotes reveal her favourite memories and what inspires her music.
Chapter 2 - Family & Friendship
From the magical, enchanted world of fairytale love to squad goals, here is Taylor coaching you through romantic love, family, friends and frenemies.
Chapter 3 - Heartache
Whether it's toxic relationships and gaslighting, jealousy and lies or just your basic breakup, here's your therapy session courtesy of Tay Tay.
Chapter 4 - Proud & Loud
Taylor at her most fearless: here she's standing up for others, telling you how to stand up for yourself and dealing with the bullies and haters. Self-esteem, survival, empowerment and body image are all themes in this chapter.
Chapter 5 - On the Way to Greatness
In need of motivation or inspiration? Here are Taylor's words of wisdom on success, rejection, failure, chasing goals and dreams, reputation and fame.
Chapter 6 - Kindness & Karma
Uplifting life lessons on the value of being kind and caring to others - and yourself.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Orange Hippo
Pub Date: March 2022
Page Extent: 192
Format: Hard Cover
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