The Little Guide to Abba

Thank You For the Music

Orange Hippo
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A celebration of everything the Scandinavian pop group represents: pop music, 70s style, influence on hundreds of subsequent acts and an enduring legacy.

ABBA blasted their way onto the global pop scene with a Eurovision Song Contest win in 1974. The song, 'Waterloo', the band's tenth single, was a top 10 hit around the world and spurred them on to enormous chart success with singles, then albums, then compilations selling in the millions. They truly conquered the world, recording, touring, performing and entertaining huge crowds everywhere they went, but after less than a decade, the dream was fading and they went their separate ways, seemingly never to record together again.

The superstardom was over, but their music continued to be popular and in every decade that passed the question was asked: will ABBA ever re-form? The answer was always no - they even allegedly turned down a billion-dollar tour - until the late 2010s, when rumours and announcements abounded and finally, to enormous global fanfare, the band revealed that a new 10-track album would be released in November 2021, and a virtual avatar tour would take place in from May 2022; fans went wild.

The Little Guide to ABBA celebrates everything the super Scandinavian pop group represents: brilliant pop music, 70s style, influence on hundreds of subsequent acts and an enduring legacy.

'I had a dream, and it was fulfilled by meeting with Benny, Bjorn and Agnetha.' - Anni-Frid Lyngstad

ABBA Gold is the #2 bestselling album of all time.
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Table Of Contents: Before they were Abba: Biography of and the early careers of the four musicians, singers and performers: Anni-Frid, Benny, Bjorn and Agnetha.
Arrival: How the newly formed band skyrocketed to Swedish, then European, then global success.
Super Trouper: Critical and popular acclaim by the numbers and quotes - all things ABBA.
So Long: The split, and what happened next for all four talented members.
The Voyage Continues: 2021 and the future of the band, its members and the music.
Thank You For The Music: Full listing of all Abba's singles, albums, DVDS and more.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Orange Hippo
Pub Date: May 2022
Page Extent: 192
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