The Little Book of Cheese

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The Little Book of Cheese includes details of how cheese is made and its origins, an A-Z of cheeses, tips and facts about the different varieties, as well as amusing quotes and sayings.

Cheese is a deceptively simple food: take some milk (usually from a cow, sheep, buffalo - but maybe a donkey or camel), make curd, compress it, treat it and eat it. But there is so much more to this ancient foodstuff - and the cheese appreciation and culture that goes with it.

Thousands of different cheeses exist, with huge varieties in style, taste, flavour, rind, texture, colour and consistency. There are hard cheeses, blue cheeses, soft cheeses, ripened cheeses, cream cheeses - the list goes on, with subtle varieties and subcategories too.

Cheese is consumed in many different ways: melted on pizza or bread, grated onto pasta or chicken, stuffed in vegetables, layered, baked and even simply enjoyed on a plate with crackers. The Little Book of Cheese includes details of how cheese is made and its origins, an A-Z of delicious cheeses, tips and un-brie-lievable facts about the myriad different varieties, as well as amusing quotes, wise curds, and inspirational sayings all about your favourite cheeses. There's even a generous slice of cheesy puns, because real cheese-lovers will never get feta up with them!

'Blessed are the cheesemakers.' - Monty Python's Life of Brian

President Andrew Jackson once had a Cheddar cheese delivered to the White House that weighed 1,400 pounds (635kg).
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ISBN: 9781800691803
Table Of Contents: On the Origin of Cheeses: An exploration of the incredible history of cheese and the careful manufacturing process from earliest times to the present day. Includes a handy cheese vocabulary.
Grate Things About Cheese: Fascinating facts and amusing quotes.
The Wonderful World of Cheese: A continent by continent, and country by country A to Z of the most popular, tasty, rare - and smelly - cheeses you can taste, from all corners of the globe.
Cheese the Day: Words of wisdom, amusing quotations and inspirational sayings, all related to cheese, its consumption and appreciation.
In Queso Emergency: Eating cheese is so much more than just a tasty bite. We look at what goes best with various cheeses, when to eat it and curious cheesy customs from around the world.
Don't Worry, Brie Happy! A final celebration of all things cheese, including facts, tips and amusing anecdotes to enhance your cheesy moments throughout the day (and night).
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Orange Hippo
Pub Date: May 2022
Page Extent: 192
Format: Hard Cover
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