Sad Mum Lady

Ashe Davenport
AUD $19.99

If David Sedaris and Sheila Heti had a baby… well, there'd be a lot to unpack there. But the ensuing stories would be brutal and hilarious and endlessly readable. And they'd look a bit like Sad Mum Lady.

'If people knew how bad this was,' I said to a friend two weeks after the birth, nipples flashing red like emergency lights under my dressing-gown, 'they would be sterilised on their thirteenth birthdays.'

It sometimes feels like there's a rule for parents: if you're going to say anything mildly unhappy about parenting, you must also be at pains to stress that it is all worth it. What joy! What wonder! How lucky we are!

But then there's the crying. And the body horror. The tearing and the leaking. And the crippling isolation. And the sleep deprivation. And somehow a dead rat in the cubbyhouse and the endless judgement of peers and neighbours and the internet.

But fear not. Ashe Davenport is here. And she's not afraid to say it's fucked.

Unapologetic and frank, Sad Mum Lady navigates the joys of motherhood in ways that will be familiar, hilarious and essential reading for parents and non-parents alike. Savage, true and deeply relatable - finally, a book that resists the sanitised, acceptable face of parenting. You might not feel better, but at least you'll feel less alone.

Author bio:

Ashe is a Melbourne-based author and family columnist for The Design Files. Her debut book began as a personal blog called Sad Pregnant Lady, which would become Sad Mum Lady. These days she's a mother of two, and a somewhat happier person.

Category: Humour & Gift
ISBN: 9781761067334
Table Of Contents: 1. The Motherboy Upstairs
2. Get the Hose
3. 24 Hour Partum People
4. Re: We Miss You at the Salon!
5. Peggy
6. Baby's First Court Appearance
7. Flat Spot
8. Parents' Group
9. Bush Baby
10. Death to Birth Shame
11. Two Under Two is the Loneliest Number
12. Vagina Momologue
13. Parenthood is a Kick-on
14. Violet
15. The Secret to a Happy Marriage
16. Dr Mimi
17. The Slug: Part I
18. The Last Thing I Will See Before I Die
19. 'Me Time' in Coober Pedy
20. The Rat
21. The Slug: Part II
22. Kit
23. When to Stop Having Children
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: March 2022
Page Extent: 256
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Humour