Red Herrings And White Elephants

The Origins of the Phrases We Use Every Day

Albert Jack
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A fascinating guide to the fascinating history and charming quirks of the English language.

Have you ever wondered what phrases such as 'square meal', 'load of old codswallop', 'egg on your face' or 'in the limelight' really mean? The English language is littered with expressions like these which we all use every day, but never stop to wonder where they came from . . .

Red Herring and White Elephants delves deep into the fabric of English phraseology and in doing so explores the wide-ranging factors and fascinating linguistic history which continues to inform the way we speak to this day. In this journey through the richest regions of the English language, the origins of hundreds of common phrases are brought to light and the incredible history behind the words we use every day is revealed.

From the drop of a hat to the bitter end - you'll be surprised and intrigued, and you'll never speak English in the same way again.

Author bio:

Albert Jack is a writer and researcher in pop culture whose favourite phrase is doolally'. He is 39 years old and has two children.

Category: Humour & Gift
ISBN: 9781789465624
Publisher: Bonnier
Imprint: Metro
Pub Date: March 2022
Page Extent: 304
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Gift books