In Search Of The Holden Piazza

Chris Warr and Joe Kremzer
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Chris and Joe take to the road, touring the highways and byways of Australia on a quest to discover what became of the Holden Piazza - possibly the dodgiest car ever to be imported into Australia. A boys' own adventure of cars, cricket commentary, improbable adventures and even more improbable characters.

It takes a strong man to resist the strange allure of a Holden Piazza, and at the age of eight, lying on his parents' lounge room floor watching Sale of the Century, Chris Warr didn't stand a chance. An unhealthy obsession was born.

The Holden Piazza, a glossy black wedge-bonneted sports car, was the ultimate prize of prizes on Australia's richest quiz show. Unfortunately it was also frequently the butt of jokes from motoring critics and the general public alike. Its launch in 1986 attracted comments such as, 'Holden Piazza; the answer to the question nobody asked' and 'exhilarating in the hands of an experienced driver . . . dangerous in the hands of others'. So it's not surprising that less than 200 new Holden Piazzas were sold in Australia, and less than 80 are still on Australian roads today.

Chris lived with his hidden shame for over a decade, until fate led to a meeting with Joe Kremzer, a fellow Piazza aficionado and a dream was born. Together, they would go in search of the Holden Piazza - indeed they would go in search of the Holden Piazza IN a Holden Piazza - travelling the length and breadth of Australia seeking out owners past and present of this iconic if much maligned vehicle.

Their quest results in a quirky, laugh-out-loud adventure, in the tradition of Tony Hawkes (Round Ireland With A Fridge) and Dave Gorman. A rollicking great read for all motoring tragics and anyone who likes a beer and a laugh, In Search of the Holden Piazza is as Australian as pie and sauce or a beat-up FJ Holden.

Author bio:

CHRIS WARR never wavered from his burning desire to become a sports journalist, so naturally he studied economics and ended up working for Tasmania's Department of Treasury and Finance where he reads the sports pages of the newspapers. He currently drives a 1991 Ford Corsair with a pin stripe. JOE KREMZER has recently moved to Melbourne, and continues to juggle full time employment with a passion for obscure lowlights in Australian motoring history. Sure, everyone knows about the Leyland P76 and the 1990s Ford Capri, but it takes dedication and research to uncover the details of such true showroom dreams as Holden's Piazza, Scurry and Drover.

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Chapter 1 Piazza is a penthouse of pleasure and performance'

Chapter 2 Piazza. Even it's Italian name quickens your pulse'

Chapter 3 The driver's seat alone is a miracle'

Chapter 4 When you've settled in the seat, you behold an eye-filling array'

Chapter 5 Holden Piazza. The name says it all'

Chapter 6 Take a fast, sweeping curve and you discover this is no boulevard show-car'

Chapter 7 Piazza is fully imported, in limited numbers, and unusual in more ways than one'

Chapter 8 Your adrenalin really flows when you turn the ignition key'

Chapter 9 Piazza. Even its Italian name quickens your pulse'

Chapter 10 The driver is confronted by no fewer than 20 warning and function lights, all of them easy to interpret'

Chapter 11 Just sitting in it is pure pleasure'

Chapter 12 Driving it is a dimension beyond pleasure'

Chapter 13 the v
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Pub Date: November 2006
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