Voyage of the Endeavour

Captain Cook and the discovery of the Pacific

Alan Frost
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In this book you will discover what it meant to sail with Captain Cook, why the Endeavour sought out the mysterious Great South Land and what kind of man Cook was.

The European exploration of the Pacific Ocean in the eighteenth century is one of the great stories of human endeavour.

In the space of one lifetime, sailing in small crowded ships in dangerous waters, travelling vast distances to unknown destinations, Europeans gathered more information about the world and its peoples than in any equivalent preceding period.

The Voyage of the Endeavour begins with this story in all its intricacy and fascination. It ends with Captain James Cook, his achievements and motivations. It shows why this man can be regarded as the greatest explorer of all time, and one of the makers of the modern imagination.

'In The Voyage of the Endeavour you will learn what it meant to sail with Cook to seek the mysterious Great South Land.'

Author bio:

Alan Frost is professor of history at La Trobe University. He embarked on The Voyage Of The Endeavour at the invitation of the Endeavour Foundation which manages the Endeavour replica. Since August 1994 the Endeavour replica has been visited by over 700,000 tourists.

Category: History
ISBN: 9781864481884
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Introduction: 'This mysterious divine ocean, this tide-beating heart of Earth'

1 War, Discovery and Trade: the beginning of 18th century

Pacific exploration, 1748-1766

2 The Island Venus: the discovery of Tahiti, and French

voyages, 1766-1773

3 An Explorer's Destiny: James Cook's first voyage, 1768-


4 The Greatest of All Oceanic Explorations: James Cook's

second voyage 1772-1775

5 An Ever-Darkening Aspect: James Cook's third voyage,


6 Imperial Rivalries: A maritime agenda in the Pacific

Ocean, 1770-1794
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Pub Date: April 1998
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Subject: History