The Irish Assassins

Julie Kavanagh
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A gripping new account of the infamous Phoenix Park murders which rocked Victorian England.

In May 1882, a double murder occurred in full daylight in Dublin's Phoenix Park. One victim was an Irish bureaucrat, Thomas Burke; the other was Lord Frederick Cavendish, gentle aristocrat and much-loved protege of Prime Minister William Gladstone. Shockwaves from the stabbings were felt from Windsor Castle to Donegal, and the campaign for Home Rule suffered a serious blow.

The Irish Assassins sheds new light on this low point in the vexed relationship between Ireland and England. With great skill and eloquence, acclaimed biographer Julie Kavanagh restores formidable characters like inspiring Irish leader Charles Parnell, his mistress Katharine O'Shea and the widowed Lucy Cavendish to vivid life in her account of a seminal incident whose aftereffects still resonate today.

Author bio:

Julie Kavanagh trained as a dancer at the Royal Ballet School. She has worked as the ballet critic of the Spectator, arts editor of Harper's and Queen and London editor of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. Her books include Secret Muses, Rudolf Nureyev and The Girl Who Loved Camellias

Category: History
ISBN: 9781611854510
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Grove Press
Pub Date: August 2021
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900