The secret history of Pine Gap

Tom Gilling
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Pine Gap is a top secret American spy base on Australian soil, but how much do we really know about it?

At the height of the Cold War the chief of one of Australia's spy agencies joined three CIA men at a remote site in Central Australia to toast the success of a top secret project known in US intelligence circles as RAINFALL.

The CIA listening station at Pine Gap was officially called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility, but it had nothing to do with research and was joint in name only: Australians were hired as cooks and janitors but the first spies were all American.

The job of the satellites controlled from Pine Gap was to eavesdrop on Soviet missile tests. While government ministers denied that Australia was a nuclear target, bureaucrats in Canberra secretly planned for Armageddon in the suburbs of Alice Springs. No longer just a listening station, Pine Gap has metamorphosed into a key weapon in the Pentagon's war on terror, with Australians in frontline roles.

Drawing on declassified documents in Australian and US archives, Tom Gilling's explosive new book tells, for the first time, the uncensored story of Australia's most secret place.

Author bio:

Tom Gilling is an acclaimed novelist. The Sooterkin, Miles McGinty and Dreamland have all been published in Australia, as well as London and New York. He is co-author with Clive Small of the highly successful Smack Express, Blood Money, Evil Life and The Dark Side. His most recent book is The Lost Battalions.

Category: History
ISBN: 9781760528430
Table Of Contents: Introduction
Chapter 1 The space race
Chapter 2 Decision No. 546
Chapter 3 Pine Gapski
Chapter 4 Memo to Mr Bailey
Chapter 5 Cooks, bakers, computer operators
Chapter 6 No need to know
Chapter 7 Make it 'no comment'
Chapter 8 The beauty of the domes
Chapter 9 An Aussie bomb
Chapter 10 Chinese whispers
Chapter 11 Keep your hands off
Chapter 12 The birds
Chapter 13 Number two on the shit list
Chapter 14 'I can't stand that [****]'
Chapter 15 NSSM 204
Chapter 16 Never again
Chapter 17 Drop that hamburger!
Chapter 18 Apocalypse now?
Chapter 19 Reds, ratbags and radicals
Chapter 20 No admission
Chapter 21 A magnet for protest
Chapter 22 Desert Storm
Chapter 23 The canteen tour
Chapter 24 Hunting for Osama
Chapter 25 Snowden
Chapter 26 Rainfall
Chapter 27 A saucerful of secrets
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: September 2019
Page Extent: 320
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Military intelligence