The corporate challenge of the 21st century

Edited by Dexter Dunphy, Jodie Benveniste, Andrew Griffiths and Philip Sutton
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Explores the need for organisations to strive for both human and ecological sustainability and the ways this can be achieved.

Sustainability explores two of the major challenges faced by organisations in the 21st century. One is the successful management of human resources in a time of increasing staff turnover, decreasing loyalty, rising stress levels and emerging issues of corporate-community relations and social responsibility. The other is growing pressure from governments, staff and the general public for organisations to adopt environmentally responsible operations.

Sustainability provides leaders and managers with a framework for understanding and adopting the principles and practices that contribute to a renewable, sustainable workforce and environment. Organisations that can achieve both human and ecological sustainability will be the successful drivers of the new sustainable economy---and those that don't face the prospect of extinction.

'A comprehensive guidebook for corporations that are really serious about shifting to more equitable, ecologically-sustainable operations.'

Hazel Henderson, leading futurist and author of Beyond Globalisation.

'. the wisdom and experience of the authors collected here make essential reading .'

John Elkington, Chairman, SustainAbility Ltd and author of Cannibals With Forks: the triple bottom line of 21st century business.

'Sustainability gives us the charts we need-we in business must now navigate towards a sustainable future!'

Greg Bourne, Regional President/Director, BP Amoco Australia/New Zealand

'This is an important work and CEOs everywhere should read it to gain a jump start in their own companies'

Ray C. Anderson, Chairman and CEO, Interface, Inc.

Author bio:

Dexter Dunphy is Distinguished Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. Formerly Professor or Management and Foundation Director of the Centre for Corporate Change at the Australian Graduate School of Management, he is a leading theorist and consultant on the management of change. Jodie Benveniste is an organisational psychologist, a social researcher and a writer. Andrew Griffiths is a researcher and lecturer in the School of Management, Faculty of Business at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Philip Sutton is the founder and Director of Policy and Strategy of Green Innovations, a non-profit environmental policy think tank and consultancy organisation.

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ISBN: 9781865082288
Table Of Contents: Contributors


1 An introduction to the sustainable corporation

Dexter Dunphy and Jodie Benveniste

2 Sustainability and sustainable development

Mark Diesendorf

3 Sustainability---doing it

Paul Gilding


4 Human resources, capabilities and sustainability

Paul Gollan

5 Technologies and processes for human sustainability

Viv Read

6 Quality of work, home and community life

Jodie Benveniste


7 Building corporate capabilities to promote ecological sustainability: a 'case study'

Philip Sutton

8 Technologies and processes for ecological sustainability

Alan Pears

9 The technology strategy of the sustainable corporation

Hardin Tibbs

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Pub Date: November 2000
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