Whirlwind: The Grimstones 3

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In this third magnificent adventure for Martha Grimstone, Martha decides to use her fledgling magic to control a whirlwind, but she ends up with too many rabbits instead. Can she find a way to turn the rabbit fur into something useful?

Hello, I'm Martha Grimstone, and I've inherited my father's gift for music. I can play notes that will bring sunshine, breezes and rain, and send clouds scudding across the sky. But I can't turn back a storm.

If only I can convince Grandpa Grimstone that I can be trusted to leave the valley, I know just the place where I can learn more - but after my latest catastrophe there seems little hope of that. Perhaps Tillipilli and Ziphwort will help me.

The Grimstones: Whirlwind is a gothic fairytale about a whirlwind that refuses to be stomped on, two feisty Angora rabbits, and a disaster of exponential proportions that could be woven into something magnificent.

'I LOVE the Grimstones. Martha is the perfect heroine for little (and big) girls who find that a pen and a trusty diary are the best way to make sense of a crazy world.' LISA FORREST (Australian Olympian + author)

Author bio:

Asphyxia is a circus performer turned puppeteer, and a writer. She is also Deaf. Her name is unusual, but she is an unusual person! Asphyxia grew up in Melbourne surrounded by an unruly mob of brothers, sisters and cousins. As one of the eldest, she took it upon herself to direct everyone in elaborate games about witches, faeries, pixies, goblins and evil characters. She wrote her first book at twelve and entered it in the St Kilda Writers' Festival competition where it won first prize. Since then, she has been a ballerina, a circus performer, a puppeteer, and a creator of her own theatrical productions, where she tells stories physically and with sign language. The Grimstones - Hatched and Mortimer Revealed have toured around Australia and overseas to great acclaim. The Grimstones books are based on these shows. For more information about the Grimstones, visit thegrimstones.com.

Category: Children's
ISBN: 9781743313008
Awards: Commended, Best Designed Children's Series, 61st Australian Publishers Association (APA) Book Design Awards, 2013 0
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: December 2012
Page Extent: 128
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 8 - 12
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational

Teachers reviews

'This is the third in a series of books in which Martha Grimstone tells of her family and her adventures in diary form. This diary starts with a letter from Lady Sterling who requests the services of the various family members calling upon their particular talents. The last part of the letter suggests Martha develop her musical talents by attending the Queen’s Music Academy and offering free accommodation while she studies. Martha is very excited about developing her musical talents to control the weather but Grandpa feels she is not yet trustworthy enough. His opinion is justified when her marshmallow toaster accidentally sets fire to a client’s expensive fabric.
Martha’s solution is to breed rabbits for their angora to replace the fabric but alas the rabbits escape, breed exponentially and burrow under the town threatening the integrity of the buildings. Disaster!
The diary elements that brought Hatched and Mortimer Revealed to life are still here: photographs, creative sketches and diagrams and lively typography all set on thick colour pages. A village map of Gloomington, allows this instalment to branch out and include more delightfully quirky characters.
Martha seems to find her feet in this book demonstrating determination and spirit combined with her sensitivity towards others.   Whirlwind is a wonderfully imaginative gothic fairytale, heart-warming and magical.
I would recommend this series to children aged 8 to 13; the stories stand alone and do not necessarily have to be read in order.'
Nova Gibson, Massey Primary