A Girl Called Corpse: An Elston-Fright Tale

Reece Carter
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A dazzling debut about a lonely kid ghost who goes searching for answers about her past in a forgotten coastal town that fizzes with secret magic. 'I loved it!' said Jessica Townsend, New York Times bestselling author of Nevermoor.

'Find the thing the Witches call a treasure,' says Old Man, 'and you'll get back all those memories you're missing.'

With a body made of wax, seaweed for hair and polished abalone shells for eyes, Corpse is bound to haunt the Witches' sea shack forever. She has no memory of the kid she was before she was snatched and ended up on the rock-that-doesn't-exist.

But the delivery of an unexpected message sets Corpse off on a surprising quest, searching for answers to the old and familiar questions that have filled her not-brain since the day she first woke up a ghost. Questions about her name. Questions about her family.

With only her eight-legged friend Simon for company, Corpse heads into the unknown. There will be danger - cruel Witches, a silver-eyed sea monster and a cunning Merchant with a hungry grin - but Corpse is not afraid. She'll stop at nothing to uncover the truth about her past.

Only some answers, it turns out, are much closer than she thinks.

A sparkling adventure story about friendship, family and finding out that there is nothing more powerful than a kid acting with their whole heart. A Girl Called Corpse is one of the most exciting children's fantasy debuts to hit the shelves since Nevermoor.

'Ghoulishly charming, with a compelling hero you will adore. I loved it!' Jessica Townsend, New York Times bestselling author of the Nevermoor series

'Wonderfully imaginative and enthralling.' Jaclyn Moriarty, award-winning author of the Kingdoms and Empires series

'Dramatic and spooky, with the most delightful lively voice.' Amelia Mellor, award-winning author of The Grandest Bookshop in the World

Author bio:

Reece Carter grew up on his family farm in Tammin, Western Australia. There was an unfortunate lack of witches and ghosts on the farm though, and so Reece had to find them in books instead. Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings and Emily Rodda were some of his first favourite authors. When Reece moved away to boarding school at the age of eleven, he could regularly be found hiding in the library, tucked away in the corner with a good book, or else seeking out new recommendations from the school librarians. With the encouragement of his English teacher, Reece started writing his own stories too - although back then they never got much further than character outlines and first chapters! After a few years spent travelling overseas, Reece moved to Melbourne to study health science. But even while working as a nutritionist by day, Reece maintained a secret double life, continuing to write middle-grade novels and short stories by night. Now, Reece lives in Sydney and writes kids' fiction full-time. When not reading or writing, Reece can usually be found talking to his dog Hagrid - and hoping that one of these days Hagrid might decide to talk back. A Girl Called Corpse is his debut novel.

Category: Children's
ISBN: 9781761066788
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: October 2022
Page Extent: 352
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 8 - 12
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational