This Remarkable Gift

Being gay and Catholic

Maurice Shinnick
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A parish priest shows how it is possible to be gay and Catholic if we understand homosexuality as a gift from God.

'This book should be read by every bishop, priest and lay pastor in the Catholic Church as well as every gay or lesbian person who has concluded that being happily gay and Catholic is not possible. The author provides an extremely accessible guide to Catholic teaching, social theory and gay and lesbian theology which will enable every reader to truly appreciate the 'remarkable gift' of being gay and Catholic.' - Elizabeth Stuart, Senior Lecturer in Theology, University of Glamorgan, Wales.

For generations, gays and lesbians from Catholic backgrounds have struggled to reconcile their sexual orientation with their Church's rigid anti-homosexual stance. Some leave the Church in despair while others suppress their sexuality in order to remain in the Church.

Maurice Shinnick argues that homosexuality should be seen as a gift from God, rather than a curse. He shows how attitudes to homosexuality have developed in different Christian denominations around the world and offers a careful re-reading of Catholic teaching. This Remarkable Gift calls for a genuine dialogue between the Church and gay and lesbian people and offers a guide to the paths such a dialogue could follow.

Author bio:

Maurice Shinnick is a parish priest in the Archdiocese of Adelaide, South Australia. He pioneered a pastoral program for people living with HIV/AIDS and is a chaplain to Acceptance, an organisation that supports gay and lesbian Catholics. In 1992 Fr Shinnick received an Order of Australia Medal for his work.

Category: Sociology
ISBN: 9781864484625
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1 Opening the dialogue

2 A gay and Christian identity

3 A clash of loyalties

4 Developing Catholic sexual theology

5 Uncertain bishops struggle as teachers and pastors

6 Broadening the dialogue: the contribution of modern social theory

7 Finding a new direction through dialogue



Publisher: Allen & Unwin
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Pub Date: October 1997
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Subject: Sociology