Science Education for Australian Students

Teaching Science from Foundation to Year 12

Edited by Angela Fitzgerald and Deborah Corrigan
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A guide for pre-service teachers to principles and practice for successful teaching and learning through all stages of schooling.

In this ground-breaking book science education is explored as a learning continuum across all years of schooling from Foundation to Year 12. The expert authors, members of Monash University's Science Education Research Group, seek to build pedagogical and content expertise by providing both a level of support and challenge for all teachers based on current research and best practice.

The text considers key issues including: what the learner brings to the science classroom; what primary and secondary teachers can learn from each other; the constructivist perspective and its value in learning science; context-based science education; the structure of the Australian curriculum and science education policy; teacher identity; the nature of scientific knowledge; principles of assessment and understanding the role of ICT in science teaching and learning.

Featuring case studies and practical examples in each chapter, this book provides pre-service teachers with the understanding and tools to ensure their students are engaged and inspired in science education throughout their school years.

Author bio:

Angela Fitzgerald and Deborah Corrigan are both members of the Science Education Research Group at Monash University. Angela's research focuses on quality science teaching in primary school settings. Deborah has extensive science education research experience particularly in chemistry education and science teacher education, teacher development and teacher learning.

Category: Education
ISBN: 9781760296889
Table Of Contents: Preface

Part IScience and the Learner
1. Becoming a Teacher of Science by Angela Fitzgerald and Deborah Corrigan
2. What the Learner Brings by Kathy Smith and Angela Fitzgerald
3. The Role of Context and Relevance by Deborah Corrigan and Angela Fitzgerald

Part IIUnderstanding Science
4. The Science Curriculum by Deborah Corrigan and Karen Marangio
5. The Nature of Science by Kathy Smith, Deborah Corrigan and Jennifer Mansfield
6. Science Investigations by Deborah Corrigan, Angela Fitzgerald and Gillian Kidman

Part IIIPedagogy and Assessment
7. Assessment for Student and Teacher Learning by Debra Panizzon and Stephen Keast.
8. Pedagogical Content Knowledge by John Loughran

Part IVNew Approaches in Teaching and Teacher Development
9. Transitioning into Professional Practice by Rebecca Cooper and Kathy Smith
10. Science Education in Informal Settings by Alan Reid and Ben Liu
11. Science and STEM Education by Deborah Corrigan and Greg Lancaster
Publisher: A&U Academic
Imprint: A&U Academic
Pub Date: August 2018
Page Extent: 344
Format: Paperback - C format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Educational: Sciences, general science