Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines

Gay'wu Group of Women
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A rare opportunity to connect with the living tradition of women's songlines, as recounted by Yolngu women from far north Australia.

'We want you to come with us on our journey, our journey of songspirals. Songspirals are the essence of people in this land, the essence of every clan. We belong to the land and it belongs to us. We sing to the land, sing about the land. We are that land. It sings to us.'

Aboriginal Australian cultures are the oldest living cultures on earth and at the heart of Aboriginal cultures is song. These ancient narratives of landscape have often been described as a means of navigating across vast distances without a map, but they are much, much more than this. Songspirals are sung by Aboriginal people to awaken Country, to make and remake the life-giving connections between people and place. Songspirals are radically different ways of understanding the relationship people can have with the landscape.

For Yolngu people from North East Arnhem Land, women and men play different roles in bringing songlines to life, yet the vast majority of what has been published is about men's place in songlines. Songspirals is a rare opportunity for outsiders to experience Aboriginal women's role in crying the songlines in a very authentic and direct form.

'Songspirals are Life. These are cultural words from wise women. As an Aboriginal woman this is profound to learn. As a human being Songspirals is an absolute privilege to read.' - Ali Cobby Eckermann, Yankunytjatjara poet

'To read Songspirals is to change the way you see, think and feel this country.' - Clare Wright, award-winning historian and author

'A rare and intimate window into traditional women's cultural life and their visceral connection to Country. A generous invitation for the rest of us.' - Kerry O'Brien, Walkley Award-winning journalist

Author bio:

Gay'wu Group of Women is the 'dilly bag women's group', a deep collaboration between five Yolngu women and three non-Aboriginal women over a decade. They are all co-authors of Weaving Lives Together at Bawaka, North East Arnhem Land and a book for young adults, Welcome to My Country.

Category: Cultural studies
ISBN: 9781760633219
Table Of Contents: PART 1: Wuymirri
Chapter 1: Mum
Chapter 2: Country
Chapter 3: Mapping
Chapter 4: Becoming together
Chapter 5: Harmonising
Gumatj and Warramirri versions

PART 2: Wukun
Chapter 1: Gathering of the Clouds
Chapter 2: Singing the clouds
Chapter 3: Clouds forming
Chapter 4: Thundercloud
Chapter 5: Clouds separating
Chapter 6: Raining

PART 3: Guwak
Chapter 1: Being a messenger
Chapter 2: Sky Country
Chapter 3: This is political
Chapter 4: The spirits are in everything
Chapter 5: Living in today's world

PART 4: Wititj
Chapter 1: Settling of the Serpent
Chapter 2: Belonging and longing to be with Country
Chapter 3: Wapitja
Chapter 4: Women's knowledge and wisdom

PART 5: Gong-gurtha
Chapter 1: Keepers of the flame
Chapter 2: Passing it on to the kids
Chapter 3: The fire on the horizon
Chapter 4: Order
Chapter 5: Connecting generations

Ending with the wind

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2019
Page Extent: 336
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Gender studies: women